The Real Father Christmas
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Father Christmas and Santa Claus are two very different things. One the product of European immigration to America and the cultural melting pot that it created, the second an ancient and enduring spirit, not just a gift giver but the very embodiment of Christmas itself.

This website tells the Real Father Christmas' story from ancient origins through to the revival of  Christmas in the early 19th Century, right up to the present day.  It examines his role in Christmas, his costume, urban legends and the many pictorial representations found throughout history.

Increasingly it is hard to find Father Christmas below the layers of smiling chubby Santas, but he is there still. Still walking through the cold winter woodlands to bring cheer to all.  

Father Christmas and the Wassail Bowl.

Father Christmas and the Wassail Bowl.

How to tell Santa from Father Christmas.
Brown Father Christmas

Is Father Christmas real?

Father Christmas Today
Father Christmas as described in the 1734 book "Round About Our Coal-Fire" by William Henry Davenport Adams.

The Return of Christmas.

Father Christmas in Traditional Mummers and Guisers plays.

White Father Christmas

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