The Real Father Christmas
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Is Father Christmas real?

Santa Claus is a chubby fellow that lives at the North Pole with a set of magical elves, every Christmas Eve he flies in his sleigh, led by a number of reindeer all over the world delivering presents to children.  Proving the existence of this individual would be challenging at best.

Father Christmas however is a different matter altogether.  As you will have discovered by reading this website Father Christmas is actually an embodiment, a representation and a symbol of the message of Christmas itself.  He reprents good will towards men, peace on Earth and the celebration of  the good news ofChrist's birth. In an older sense still he is the spirit of the woods, symbol of life and hope for the returning fertility to the land with the advent or Spring.

So is Father Christmas real? Our course he is! He is a persona that anyone can adopt to symbolise the meaning of Christmas in all its many facets.

Purple Father Christmas.
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